Thursday 19 March 2020

Interactive Coptic-English translation of (the gospel of) Thomas

The goals behind this translation are twofold: this is the most pure translation that can exist, and it is fully traceable: each and every word is accounted for and can be verified with one single click by everyone, as long as there is access to the Internet: that is where the full and complete online Coptic Dictionary of KELLIA is at.
If no access, click on any word and quickly verify it against the index where an excerpt of the thesaurus is presented

This translation will let you breathe the atmosphere of over two thousand years ago.
Anyone can verify every word of this translation, anyone can deep-dive into the original Coptic text of Thomas.
And the translation is fully normalised: every Coptic word has its own English word, and vice versa. Doubts about a translated word? Click on the English translation and quickly verify it against the index where an excerpt of the thesaurus is presented. Still not satisfied? Click again on the Coptic word itself that leads you to the full dictionary; compare it to similar words, their shared root(s) and origin(s), and make up your mind

The translation is available on Amazon in most countries: try Amazon UK, Amazon NL or Amazon US, for instance.
Don't have 10 bucks or euros to spend? Pity, the Kindle has a fine search function although the orange underlines are hideous, unfortunately inherent to the Print Replica format .
But you can try your luck at where my other publications are: the translation is here and can be read online, or you can register and download it: no worries, there are no checks, all you need is an email address, or you can sign up with Google, FB, etc

Enjoy. And may your house be forever destroyed