Sunday 25 November 2012

I still have all your comments

Hey, just a short message

I have uninstalled IntenseDebate as it was crap. Didn't work for me on mobile (couldn't sign in), didn't work on xtop depending on browser (10 lines was too much for IE 8, Firefox had cookie problems, etc) and I'm just thinking really hard to revert to native Blogger commenting

Native Blogger commenting ain't sexy, but it works

And I want my commenting system to work. On mobile, laptop, desktop, iPad mini, Mac, who cares - everywhere

So, I'm looking for a way to convert my (and yours!!!) IntenseDebate comments back to Blogger comments. I will succeed, it might take me a day or two, but I've just taken down IntenseDebate immediately as I'm  sick and tired of it not working

So, no worries - bare with me please

And yes, I do wild and crazy things sometimes. You should try that at home too ;-)

The thin line between transparency and vanity

I had an interesting discussion with Joseph Jude on the share buttons on my blog. In short, his opinion was:

which doesn't leave much room for interpretation, fortunately. I agree, and don't agree, as the bandwidth for numbers is so very, very wide: most numbers are meaningless as mere numbers

Monday 19 November 2012

Read before you share - otherwise it's gossip

A rubbish post by business insider titled "This Survey Is Devastating For Microsoft: 42% Of Windows Users Plan To Switch To Apple" and a very dubious post by the New York Times titled "The Tablet Market Grows Cluttered" drew my attention today - the latter claimed that
About 98 percent of Web traffic from tablets comes from iPads, according to Onswipe, a digital publishing company
The answer to the first riddle lies in the post itself, the other answer is just a few clicks away. The verdict: bogus anal-ysis. Which doesn't matter to the authors, because the shares came in by the hundreds of course. Amazing facts!

5+ garages to service your car? Sure

[Image by Expressive]

After a very lively conversation with Holger Müller I decided on "posting it up" - Twitter is fine for conversations but sometimes the 140-char limit just doesn't cut it.
We discussed Integration, within enterprises. Along the analogy of a garage, we found out that every enterprise has more than a few garages "to serve their car" - meaning integrating their applications

Yes that can be true, but it doesn't need to be - some of the work I do involves "Integration rationalisation", meaning bringing back the number of Integration solutions to -preferably- one

Holger told me what is happening, and has been happening, in his world - and I don't disagree with his facts. I just think that there are far, far better ways of using your time and money. "Free Integration Tools" you get with purchasing an application or ERP module don't always usually mean that they are

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Big Brother? Sits right on your mobile

[The image above has nothing to do with this post, but it seemed to be fitting, given the latest developments. This post is all about trust]

In this age of free(mium), it's common knowledge that you pay with your privacy. Facebook is the best (or should I say worst) example of the dance around your data, yet there are many more tools that you use, which have access to everything that you carry with you: all the data on your phone. Not only can they read that, they can also change it - and even "impersonate" you

Some applications do need this very deep trust level, e.g. virus scanners and applications such as Androidlost. Others absolutely do not do so, like Skype, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Facebook. Interested to see what they can do to the contents of your phone? You'll be in for a surprise, or should I say, shock

Monday 12 November 2012

Why I only watch blind auditions of #TVOH

It was an intention I had after the first season of The voice Of Holland had ended. After the second season, it was a firm agreement I made with myself. And yet, as it's aired on Friday night, it's become a tradition for me and my women to watch TVOH with a proper fire in the fireplace, drinks, potato chips, and lively discussions

No more. I tell you, no more