Sunday, 25 November 2012

I still have all your comments

Hey, just a short message

I have uninstalled IntenseDebate as it was crap. Didn't work for me on mobile (couldn't sign in), didn't work on xtop depending on browser (10 lines was too much for IE 8, Firefox had cookie problems, etc) and I'm just thinking really hard to revert to native Blogger commenting

Native Blogger commenting ain't sexy, but it works

And I want my commenting system to work. On mobile, laptop, desktop, iPad mini, Mac, who cares - everywhere

So, I'm looking for a way to convert my (and yours!!!) IntenseDebate comments back to Blogger comments. I will succeed, it might take me a day or two, but I've just taken down IntenseDebate immediately as I'm  sick and tired of it not working

So, no worries - bare with me please

And yes, I do wild and crazy things sometimes. You should try that at home too ;-)

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