Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Completely drop your Klout account in 30 seconds

Well, the day has finally come. Since today, Klout allows you to delete the profile they (or you) created on you.
In my case, that means I'll first have to sign up for klout, as they created my account all by themselves - but I'm happy to go through that little PITA

Here's how to delete your account:

  1. Go to Klout, log in, then (a) go to your Profile Settings or (b) click this link and continue at step 4.
  2. Click on click here
  3. Thanks to Coby Randquist who notified me on December 4th, here's another page Klout freshly inserted. It's titled Privacy Policy and just scroll right to the bottom, and click on click here
  4. Click on Continue opting-out
  5. 3 clicks here, or 4 with some text - you decide. But at the bottom of the page, enter your name, and click Submit
  6. Notify the pop-up, quite a few caveats there that suggest Klout is hand-handling this but we'll fix that in the next 15 seconds
  7. Twitter(Twitter is just one of the networks you'll have to do this for: most will only have Twitter as a network)
  8. Go to Twitter, go to your Settings
  9. Click Applications
  10. Locate Klout, and click Revoke Access
  11. Last but not least, verify that your Klout profile has vanished: go to your Klout profile, and you should see the first picture at the top of this post
Now, enjoy a more 2.0 world out there

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