Thursday 24 November 2011

An Occupy miscarriage conspiracy theory? Please, don't

Jennifer Fox is the name of the Seattle Occupy protester whose video and words have gone viral in the last 2 days, claiming police pepper spray and physical abuse led her to miscarry her 3 months old foetus

When I read about it, the images shocked me: a deeply hurt Fox seems to be fighting a dozen emotions at the same time: pepper spray, pain, worries about her baby, shock, you name it.
However, the dozen or so blog posts and news paper articles I read left me with questions. The major one of those was about how they possibly could lose verification out of sight in their hurry to be sucked along into the publish stream of yet another SEO hype. Bloggers, journalists: the majority of you should be very, very ashamed for spinelessly republishing a major news story without asking any questions or performing any checks

I responded to the person who made me aware of it:

@samj The pregnant woman story is deffo fishy, reportedly happened three months ago, no charges filed, no medical records. Handle with care!

It wasn't until just this morning when I heard that she was going to sue for either $10 million or $25 million - the next logical step but what strange exact amounts, and even stranger that they are more than one amount

Here's a video from MOXNEWS.COM that shows you the entire story in just one and a half minute:

It doesn't add to the credibility at all, neither does the interviewer ask the burning questions, but it's a nice summary.
Then, just 5 minutes ago, I happened to run into a reliable source at last.
I listened to the KIRO FM radio interview with Jennifer's foster parents Mike and Lark Stebbins, who in the nicest way possible hint at the fact that she's a compulsive liar: Mike and Lark Stebbins...parents of Jennifer Fox...

For me, that settles the case, although there is an ever so slight possibility (somewhere around 0.1% chance) that I might get surprised by the fact that Jennifer actually was pregnant for 3 months, and did lose her baby due to police force (that would be a dead give away although hard to prove in court)

However. However. This will be one of those stories that will never be proven neither true nor false. Conspiracy theorists will rise and claim that the CIA or NSA or whichever secret United States TLA has destroyed the medical records, stolen the X-ray photos, brainwashed the doctors who researched her, bribed her foster parents into lying about her, etcetera etcetera etcetera.
The people opposed to Occupy will use that to ridicule the protesters even more than they have done so far, and the guaranteed result will be that Jennifer Fox will turn into the Joan of Arc of the Occupy movement

That is how wars start and feed themselves: they start with a relatively small incident, then a chain of events kicks in, no one wants or dares to speak up, and like an avalanche suddenly one side of the mountain has a completely new drapery.
People who live on that side and still view it "in the old ways" are either muted, moved, martyred or murdered. And before you know it, millions of people suddenly all share one and the same Truth - that wasn't even an opinion just a little while before

Which makes me sad, because that is not how events should take place. What should take place is the SPD investigation (and it is already), but also an OWS investigation. This will be a test for the Occupy movement to show that they don't just speak about not wanting to continue the old ways, but also practise it when push comes to shove - and Lawd knows that now has happened

Show us your strength, Occupy - I know you have it. Show us that you can organise at this level too. Show us that your wirearchy ways allow for temporary hierarchies when needed: install a committee, set a deadline, and reach a conclusion on this. Get it out, and over with. Please

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