Thursday, 30 June 2011

1.0, 2.0, 3.0 - Tibbr shows the way

For those who are familiar with me and my posts, you'll know that I'm passionate about Integration. My Integration eBook, my posts - even though I cover a wide range of topics - all are about diversity, evolutionary growth and change, while standing with both feet on the ground and keeping a pragmatic view

I love social - wrote an eBook about that too and ended with a balanced conclusion. I don't like 1.0, nor the 1.0 I encounter in this 2.0 world - search my blog for evangelist or Klout and you'll get my idea

I got a lot of reactions to yesterday's post on tibbr 3.0 - a good lot of people still don't get my idea, so let me explain why I think Tibco's tibbr is redefining the enterprise business model

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tibbr, the new OS. Integrating is the new Operating

I just watched the live feed of Tibbr's 3.0 launch. It was impressive and even more so than the 1.0 launch I attended live in February - although that was a revelation, and revolution too

Back a dozen years or so, Larry Ellison dreamed about the network PC as replacing Microsoft's Operating System (OS) - and woke up in a nightmare.
Since, Apple has come back with their OS and stole some marketshare.
Linux was born and stole great marketshare, most of that server side in companies - not in the consumer market

Still, it was oldfashioned OS as we know it - Jim

Monday, 27 June 2011

Image -> Perception -> Opinion -> Truth

After all the posts I wrote this year, and the eBooks produced, it's time for a spiritual one again

Spirituality? Just another label, in principle. Funny (not) how we can even disagree on the meaning of that word, let alone the implications of it. Where religions divide (your god or mine), spirituality should unite. Religions in general try to teach us that we're separate from god(s), spiritualities try to teach us that we're close or even equal to god(s)

Politics follow the same principle, as do old-fashioned enterprise hierarchies: they thrive on dividing people. Social is uniting people all over the globe, in their private lives but also increasingly invading their professional lives. Is that uniting opening up their minds?

Comments make your code alive. Otherwise, it's dead

[Image by W.Rebel]

I had a small discussion about code and comments with Bob MacNeal. Bob thinks that

Commented out code is the same as a comment - Litter. Don't litter.

I strongly disagree, although we had a nice conversation. It turned out that

@MartijnLinssen I'm an average coder at best, but I like clean code. I've made a living copying code from others. I dig good, clean shit.

That is the crux right there

Sunday, 12 June 2011

No money back guarantee on management?

[Image by Lukas Riebling]

Workers and managers. Somehow there's a line crossed when you go from one to the other. Not always, but almost always. A bit of us and them
Why is that? What makes someone change when he or she becomes a manager? Sometimes it's even like they join something like the Illuminati

I once heard someone say: "workers do their work in order to please the client, management does what it does in order to please their bosses"

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Problem prevention knows no funding

A major topic on Twitter for me this week was that of problem prevention.
We all know error handling, error solving, creating workarounds or solutions for them, but "A stitch in time saves nine" is a debatable issue in ICT

Or is it?

It all started with a tweet from Jamie Oswald:

IT's biggest problem is its realization that there is more money in managing one's problems than in fixing them.

to which I responded:

also, hard to get budget for preventing problems from occurring

Sunday, 5 June 2011

How often does your company plant get repotted?

[Image courtesy of Akira Kouchiyama]

Yesterday, I was watching my wife repot a few plants. Actually, quite a few of them.
What did she do? She took the plants out of their pots, and put them into bigger pots, adding fresh compost

I watched that for a while, busy with with other things, and the thought came to mind:

Wife has been repotting plants today, giving new roots room to freely extend. How many companies do this?

A few conversations followed: Sandy Maxey, A Jangbrand, Alan Berkson and Jaguar Paw contributed. A Jangbrand even had a post for that.
The results:
"Provide dirt, water, sunlight and maybe some support - growth will happen in best direction..."
"When you keep hitting the side of the pot, in every direction you're trying to grow, you might just need a bigger pot?"
"Corporate bonsai?"
"Hahahahah ... it's thick deep old roots that stifle the new roots."

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Google Docs fails on PDFs

I woke up this morning with an email from Michael Stephenson, requesting to share my Perfect Integration eBook
Needless to say, that bewildered me. It's been out there for 2 months and one of my top-7 posts, and anyone who has the link has access
Update June 2nd 11:30 CET: HÃ¥var Fredriksen commented and stated he can only access his private PDFs - assuming he and I are in the same situation, that isolates this to publicly accessible PDFs that are shareable for everyone who has the link
Update June 2nd 13:25 I can access my public PDFs again, as well as private. Given the fact that Michael emailed me 12 hours ago now, it's fair to state that there have been issues with Google Docs publicly accessible PDFs for half a day - for how many others that is the case, remains to be seen
Before just granting him permission, I checked