Thursday, 2 June 2011

Google Docs fails on PDFs

I woke up this morning with an email from Michael Stephenson, requesting to share my Perfect Integration eBook
Needless to say, that bewildered me. It's been out there for 2 months and one of my top-7 posts, and anyone who has the link has access
Update June 2nd 11:30 CET: Håvar Fredriksen commented and stated he can only access his private PDFs - assuming he and I are in the same situation, that isolates this to publicly accessible PDFs that are shareable for everyone who has the link
Update June 2nd 13:25 I can access my public PDFs again, as well as private. Given the fact that Michael emailed me 12 hours ago now, it's fair to state that there have been issues with Google Docs publicly accessible PDFs for half a day - for how many others that is the case, remains to be seen
Before just granting him permission, I checked

I could access the document from my own account, but now without being signed in. Which is odd, because access is for anyone with the link.
So I uploaded the same document as a new version, deleted the old one, and that worked - for one attempt

I tried resetting the link - to no avail
In an utterly desperate attempt, I deleted the entire file and uploaded a new one

To no avail

On Twitter, Dušan Vrban answered me, he had issues with Google Docs as well: couldn't access his PDFs
I checked, and everything worked for me except PDFs

I did a search on Twitter: at this very moment, Dušan and I are the only ones aware of this - how odd

So, Google: please fix this. I have two eBooks on Google Docs, none of which are accessible now, and I'm just assuming that Google Docs PDFs are not working for anyone in Europe, possibly a larger area than that

So check, communicate and fix. Thanks

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