Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tibbr, the new OS. Integrating is the new Operating

I just watched the live feed of Tibbr's 3.0 launch. It was impressive and even more so than the 1.0 launch I attended live in February - although that was a revelation, and revolution too

Back a dozen years or so, Larry Ellison dreamed about the network PC as replacing Microsoft's Operating System (OS) - and woke up in a nightmare.
Since, Apple has come back with their OS and stole some marketshare.
Linux was born and stole great marketshare, most of that server side in companies - not in the consumer market

Still, it was oldfashioned OS as we know it - Jim
Then Java was introduced as an OS - but that quickly became a complex mess.
Lately, browsers have been proclaimed as new OS - but so far they only devour CPU and memory like we know OS's to do

From what I just saw, Tibco invented the new OS - and it's called tibbr. In February tibbr launched with being able to follow people, subjects, and entire event streams. Allowing you to follow applications and be notified of important events -of which you determine what they are- was a smart move, cutting out the middle man that so often stands in between man and machine.
All that device-agnostic of course, platform-agnostic, and local or in the Cloud

This is not a sexy start-up attempting to do something new, this is an old-fashioned enterprise doing something very, very disruptive

is what I said in my last tibbr post - and tibbr has continued that line. It now offers
  • tibbrAnalytics: Social Media monitoring for your enterprise, and your employees
  • Unified Communications: voicemail on your wall, HD video conferencing, screen sharing
  • The ability to act on Activity Streams: call it oldfashioned portal, but when you do one of the events out of your streams and decide to act on it, it's only one click away and inside tibbr
  • After integrating SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.com, among others, Sharepoint is next: of course that bi-directional and once again tibco shows their cleverness: you can integrate Sharepoint into tibbr but also vice-versa, with the Sharepoint tibbr widget
  • tibbrCommunities. The biggest bang for your buck: tibbr integrates entire social platforms and networks. I haven't heard any names yet but will surely chase those
What does all that lead to? It leads to one single, platform-agnostic, device-agnostic, location-agnostic system on which you can seamlessly run everything. With a strong focus on enterprises, this might very well become the new Operating System for the Enterprise.
Forget about SAP and Oracle running the biggest share of your enterprise apps, still leaving you with a vast amount of detached applications that you have to man and integrate yourself. Of course Oracle did a great job acquiring BEA but it's been quiet ever since - is it Larry's pride that's stopping Oracle from conquering the world with BEA, now relabeled Fusion?
SAP will never get there. I never have, and probably never will be impressed with whatever ways SAP thinks they can satisfy the external integration demand. I don't blame Oracle nor SAP, they're mono-cultures and will always perceive the world from an inside-out view

Tibbr knows what it takes. It takes an outside-in view, and the willingness and ability to adapt yourself. Not have everyone else adopt your newly reinvented wheel - that takes huge effort and cost.
So, tibbr will do all that adaptation for you. All you have to do is run it

The new Operating System is an Integrating System. And called tibbr

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