Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Social Business Design - the beginning or end of E2.0?

As far as I'm concerned, the Dachis Group has taken the lead in showing and talking about Social Business Design. After Dennis Howlett's post on ZDNet Andrew McAfee reacted on it. In that post, a comment is posted by Stowe Boyd that eventually leads to Stowe Boyd's own blog post on this

And I probably missed a few others that got into it as well. Anyway, I think it's settled now that -fairly quickly I must say- Dachis and Altimeter are just doing what is meant by it - connecting internally and externally, and even being (relatively wildly) transparent about that as well

But the best way to show that Social Business Design is about internally and externally connecting in order to form dynamic, socially calibrated organisations, is the fact that no one really seems to bother about the fact that Social Business (Design) already has been coined

Power to the people then? Or will we have another discussion about Social Business Design in a while? I think not. In my opinion Dachis and Altimeter and the like are showing what it is all about: take action, show initiative and leadership, just do it.
You'll get all the feedback you want and need, and that will just make way for new paths to wander. Roll that small snowball down the mountain and it will find its way

And, once the dust has settled, and they appear to be leading this movement, we will just call it whatever they call it. Because that's how it works, and by then "they" will be a rather vast network of people that wrote some history

I'm looking forward to what Dachis and Altimeter will do next. Dachis' live, unedited feed looks a bit Web 1.0 to me, I must admit. I'd love something 3D, preferably a mindmap like the P2P Foundation's mindmap from the P2P Foundation with their Open Everything Visualisation, an organisation showing what all this connectedness and openness might lead to
Or how about a tag cloud? Ah there's so much fun and free technology around these days, who knows...

Maybe there'll be one big mind map showing who's connected to who doing what, and with which frequency. Anyway, I feel like something's started. I'll blog on this again in a few months from now, and see what's changed

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