Saturday 10 April 2010

#Smilecon tweet collection

An improved version of what I had at #SBS2010, here's the HTML file with clickable links, searches and pictures
One single file, no ads of course, I hope it suits your needs
Update April 14th 14:50 CET: The IE stylesheet has been fixed, and the file replaced. Both Firefox as well as Internet Explorer now show the desired result, so you can get it here
Best viewed in Firefox

Here's the link. It's a zip-archive so please unzip. Viewed best with Firefox, Internet Explorer seems to ignore the stylesheet - something I might dive into later

This now is something that I can generate in less than a minute, apart from Twitter Search itself as sometimes Twitter searches do take long. Twitter has a default limitation now of only searching the last 10 days or so too, so some prudence needed

As always, I'm interested in your feedback! Enjoy...

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JHS_NL said...

Hi, looks great man!

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