Friday 7 May 2010

Comparing Facebook influence to Twitter's: #FBRATE

In a previous post I did the math on Facebook Share, Facebook Like and Twitter ReTweets, and their ratio

I then did the math on probable Facebook users (which I found to be at half of what Facebook claims itself), and Twitter users, before calculating their relative ratio.
Update 12th October 2010 12:37 CET: I found out that only uses US data, not worldwide. It's in the small print whereas I'd think that should be in big red ink all over their site.
I apologise for this, it means that unique visitor stats below only apply to the US
Going by stats from Computerworld and Mashable there should now be around 20 million active Twitter users

Active user being someone who visits at least once a month - and I think that is a fair measure. Comparing that to my calculations of active Facebook users (thank you Facebook for being so Open about it!), there are 260 million active Facebook users at max: 2 times the monthly unique visitors

So, there are 13 times as many active Facebook users, as there are Twitter users. Thirteen
That would imply, that the combined Facebook Share / Like ratio is 13 times as high as the Twitter ReTweet ratio
I'm being mild here, as I know for certain that the number of 400 million is greatly exagerated, not to mention the number of 550 million you see being mentioned in some Facebook temples

Now, for the comparison. I'm really looking for sites and articles that have both: Twitter ReTweet buttons so you can see the amount of tweets, as well as Facebook Like and / or Share buttons so you can see how many people Shared or Liked it

Why? Because I think the Internet bubble was small compared to the Facebook bubble. I think Mark Zuckerberg's ego is even bigger than that, and that it needs to be downsized. Big time. So, I'd like to prove the presence and influence of Facebook people on the WWW. And I think the Facebook Like button is a great way to do this

So I invite you all, Twitter and Facebook people, to ReTweet / Share / Like as much as you can, and publish ratios found. A few examples:
  • 14 Shares, 0 Likes, 50 ReTweets: that's 14 for Facebook totals and 50 for twitter totals: 14/50
  • 30 Shares, 70 Likes, 12 ReTweets: that's 30+70=100 for Facebook totals and 12 for twitter totals: 100/12
  • 0 Shares, 188 Likes, 610 ReTweets: that's 188 for Facebook totals and 610 for twitter totals: 188/610
Now, the idea is to tweet or Share on Facebook the ratio, together with the (shortened) URL and hashtag (in any given order of course): e.g. #FBRATE 440/661
Remember, just add the Facebook Likes and Shares, and mention the ReTweets. And of course only those sites count that have either a Facebook Like or Share button (or both), as well as a ReTweet button

I'd love for everyone to pitch in and participate. The winner gets the great price of Web-wide glory, and you know everything on the Web lasts forever!

Spread the word - let the games begin!

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