Tuesday 22 June 2010

How Chatter made Marc humble

Now I know I've had my fair share of daring blog post titles so far, but this one must definitely be the most daring one

Today TechCrunch announced the public release of Chatter, pointing to prnewswire.com who released the intial story. Let me briefly requote its functionality as stated by TC:
Similar to Facebook, employees can create business profiles with professional information like personal contact data, area of expertise, and work history
With Chatter, all status updates from a customer’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or custom Force.com application are posted to the feed
There. Impressive? I don't think so, nor does Salesforce.com itself. Let me take you through 4 stories on TechCrunch to see Marc Benioff's enthusiasm start in exuberant euphoria and end in modest humility

There are 4 dates for the stories, all published on TechCrunch:
  1. September 9 2009
  2. November 18 2009
  3. February 17 2010
  4. June 22 2010
    Here are the links and titles:
    1. Salesforce CEO Benioff: We Are Cloud Computing (and Twitter) Evangelists
    2. Salesforce Chatter: A Real-Time Social Network For The Enterprise 
    3. Benioff on Chatter: We’re way ahead 
    4. After Four Months In Private Beta, Salesforce Chatter Finally Arrives As A Public Conversation
      From evangelists building a real-time social network for the enterprise, way ahead, to a mere 'public conversation' - now let's look at the content
      1. Benioff highlights the real-time cloud, saying that applications and platforms need to deliver this value. Real-time is crucial to Salesforce’s offerings and Benioff emphasizes that real-time is the future of the company’s products.
      2. Benioff says that Salesforce Chatter is the “magic of Facebook and Twitter brought to the enterprise.”
      3. The messaging around this new Collaboration platform was if anything underplayed next to the reality, that Chatter completely transforms the business process layer
      4. With Chatter, all status updates from a customer’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or custom Force.com application are posted to the feed. So apps actually have the ability to post status updates, similar to a person, creating an actual ecosystem around apps and employees
        From realtime Facebook and Twitter integration to a one-way pull into Chatter from its own apps. No comment

        Let's take a look at monetising this state-of-the-art app:
        1. According to Benioff, the customer can save “millions of dollars” by using the service cloud and its “next-generation” innovations.
        2. Chatter will also be sold for $50 per user per month and will include Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce Content and Force.com.
        3. [no info]
        4. Chatter-only user licenses are available for customers using Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition for $15 per user, per month, which seems fairly affordable.
          I couldn't possibly comment...

          It's been quiet around Salesforce.com and Marc Benioff lately, which I for sure have been enjoying. And now I know why. I feel actually bad for the poor Chatter

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