Wednesday 11 August 2010

Twitter Tweet Button Test

This is a simple test post for the new Twitter Tweet button. According to Mashable it will be released very soon

There's a small chance it'll work as it has been rolled out to only a small group, but the old-fashioned TweetMeMe is bound to work:

Update 11th of August 16:15 CET: apparently, TweetMeMe is performing maintenance - how small is that chance? On the other hand, who knows what they're working on?!
Update 11th of August 18:00 CET: apparently, TweetMeMe is okay again - and the Tweet button is working(-ish) - click the number right from the Tweet button, and you'll be shown the "real-time resulsts" (won't you?)
Update 12th of August 9:10 CET: It's working! I can tweet via the new Twitter button, but the results are delayed by 1 to 2 minutes. I'm still missing 2 tweets, I guess that is excluded? No idea...
Update 12th of August 19:15 CET: A few drawbacks

  • First, the tweet count sometimes disappears for the vertical layout - if you watch closely and refresh the page, you'll see the tweet icon load first, and the count load much, much later: a separation I can't justify nor understand
  • Second, it's pure Twitter-based so it's happened more than once today that I couldn't get the results because Twitter was overloaded - as usual these days. I don't deem it wise to introduce new functionality without getting your act together first, then again I told Klout the same thing and they seem to be getting along pretty okay without doing so, so maybe most people just don't bother.
  • Third, the tweet count is 10 at the moment but only showing me 7 tweets when I click it. I tweeted 3 times using a link from, so mathematically that pretty much adds up. I have no idea why this is, nor is believing to have any issues with the new button
  • Fourth, I'll have to do something about my blog title as it's @MartijnLinssen, which would result in sending the ReTweet (let's just keep calling it that) to me alone, rather than one's entire Twitter network - and that's kind of defeating the purpose
  • So, summarising: it works way less well than TweetMeMe's button, there's no added functionality and it just adds to the cumbersome performance Twitter has been showing for the past weeks and months. A big thumbs down for lack of focus and priorities, Twitter!

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Martijn Linssen said...

Iw onder whether a comment URL will add towards the Tweet count - will tweet this shortly ;-)

Martijn Linssen said...

Apparently the comment URL isn't counted - unsure though. The current score is 5 for Twitter and 2 for TweetMeMe - let's see what happens when I tweet this comment

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