Tuesday 21 December 2010

Microsoft and Cloud - they just don't get it, do they?

On Twitter, Jon Reed pointed me to a Microsoft commercial for Cloud. I checked it out, but low and behold: the above picture is what I got

I'd like to draw attention to the fine print there:
To view this video, download the free Microsoft Silverlight plug-in (install Microsoft Silverlight)
I myself think it is extremely funny what is depicted there: the instruction to download (from the Cloud!) and install Microsoft Silverlight (on your local machine!) in order to be able to see how fantastically great Microsoft is for use with the Cloud...

The old world - it will always keep Microsoft pinned down to the last era. By the way, here's the video ad
Watching the video, Microsoft tries to make a few businesscases to draw customers to their superb Cloud products:
  • Uploading photo's to the Cloud? Wow, that's so ... 1990s
  • Editing photo's in the Cloud? Errr yes, sure, I can see how that would make no sense at all: video and graphics always have been making a firm business case against Cloud as the inherent file size for high-quality picture and video hogs any and all bandwidth out there
  • Anything in the video that is even slightly making an impact? No, not at all
Cloud is the greatest threat to the innovation-free monopoly with which Microsoft luckily achieved world domination in the last 2 decades.
All their operating system has been doing, is incorporate the added functionalities offered by the market due to the lack of them in the previous Windows version. Every new functionality Windows brings, is just a bright and shiny version of what's out there already, but this time neutralising the hardware upgrade you got with your newly purchased PC, so it's now just as slow as your old one was.
All their Office suite has been doing, is moving functionality so you have to go look for it in order to use it, and take weeks or even months getting accustomed to it. The Office 2007 ribbon? The apogee of uselessness no one ever asked for, a flashy redesign and relocation of existing functionality, completely ruining each and every macro ever written in this world

What value has Microsoft added over the last 2 decades here? You tell me

Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) is killing Microsoft. Their Azure platform is an example of their reluctance to adopt or adapt: look at their slogans: they're lost for words and don't have a clue what good their product could possibly do when in the Cloud - and neither have I
The Windows Azure platform is a flexible cloud–computing platform that lets you focus on solving business problems and addressing customer needs
That's what I'd say, if I had nothing to say. Microsoft, you better wake up, even though it seems like it's too late already

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