Friday 9 September 2011

The second coming of 9/11

Over the past weeks I've watched the growing attention for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 in every media possible, including so-called conspiracy theories. What strikes me most is that a majority of the attention is on the events itself, and very little on what to learn from them.
Since 9/11, the US government (agencies) have gotten an increased grip on privacy - not only in the US, but all over the world. Taking a flight has become a silly drag, where I for one sometimes don't have to take off my shoes while going through Customs, and sometimes I do.
Just one example, yet I could go on and on...

It doesn't matter whether I think (or rather, believe) 9/11 was an inside job or not, or whether measures taken since are proportionate or outrageous or anything in between. What does matter is the fact that the "War on Terror" has an eery resemblance to the Crusades

I quote:

The Crusades were a series of religiously sanctioned military campaigns, called by the Pope and with the main goal of restoring Christian control of the Holy Land. The crusaders came from all over western Europe.
The Crusades were fought mainly by Roman Catholics against Muslims, though some campaigns were diverted to fight Greek Orthodox Christians in Byzantium. Later campaigns were waged against pagan Slavs, pagan Balts, Mongols, and Christian heretics. Orthodox Christians also took part in fighting against Islamic forces in some Crusades

Let's try that again, but a bit more modern:

The War on Terror was a series of military campaigns sanctioned by the United Nations, called by the President of the United States and with the main goal of restoring Western control of the Middle East. Those who fought in the War on Terror came from all over the Western world.
The War on Terror was fought mainly by Roman Catholics against Muslims, though some campaigns were diverted to closely monitor Christians in their own countries. Later campaigns were waged against [fill in the blanks]

Far-fetched? It's a war against an enemy far away. An unseen enemy, an enemy we don't know and have never heard of - directly. Once upon a time the decision was made to start that War, and somehow it seems it doesn't come to an end. Losses we hear of, successes we hear of. Culprits have been captured, sentenced, killed; of the top 25 who fought this War "on the other side" I think maybe one or two remain

I think we could end this war, but maybe I'm not all that well-informed. Maybe my assumption that catching one to two or even a dozen "cells" a year that have evil plans doesn't outweigh the gazillions invested in reducing our privacy, our freedom and our civil rights and maximising our Fear of the Unknown

Maybe I'm just naive in thinking that economic prosperity, the possibility of even thinking about the future and helping people from the lowest Maslow levels to one or two up will diminish the need for Hatred, and increase the need for Love. In stead of sharing Hatred, people tend to want to share Love when all's well with them - at least in my book

Then again I don't believe in the Second Coming of 9/11 - as I don't believe in the Second Coming of Christ. I even don't believe in the First Coming of Christ, but supposed that I did, that wasn't too bad now was it? Jesus came and got crucified, and voilĂ  all our sins were taken away. He came back after a few days, stuck around for a few weeks and then got written out of the History Books by the Church - can't have people claiming to see Him like they do Elvis now can we? Course not

So I don't understand why we have to Fear the Second Coming of Christ, as the first one was just rather cool and only brought good to us all - well except for a few. That doesn't go for the first coming of 9/11, which caused great grief and misery to a few thousand people and big economical and financial dismay to the United States

I do see why we have to Fear the Second Coming of 9/11. Yet I also do see that the threat of that Second Coming is used to take away our civil liberties and freedom at an ever-increasing pace, whereas that very Threat seems to get less and less. Of course the modern pope (see my quote above) says "Trust me, it is imminent" but he might as well say "Believe me, it is imminent" - the War on Terror has become a religion that can neither be confirmed nor denied, demanding crusades to be waged until the Second Coming of 9/11

I have Christian friends, Muslim friends, Jewish friends, atheist friends and spiritual friends. None of them hates anyone else for their (lack of) religion - they all have nice jobs, nice families, and a nice future in their line of sight; I might box them by saying they're at the Esteem level of Maslow's pyramid.
See where I'm going with this?
Educate the poor, provide them with nourishment and job security. Provide them with a good health system, and secure properties - all of which has been taken away from the masses in the United States in the last decade. By whom? Not by any terrorist, but by American politicians, American banks, and American corporations

Not only has that greatly impacted not a few thousand, but tens of millions in the United States, but it also has impacted hundreds of millions across the globe. Entire countries are on the verge of dropping one or two Maslow levels, even the entire European union is shaking like a leaf. Did terrorism cause that? No, corporatism did

Stop the War on Terror, start the War on Corporatism. Spread nourishment, health and wealth equally, and people will swap Fear for Love - and we'll have the First Coming of Self

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