Sunday 12 February 2012

Whitney would have approved of this post

Whitney Houston, rest in peace.
I read up on last night's tweet stream this morning, and that's how I found out: Whitney Hoston died at age 48 in a hotelroom in Beverly Hills, California, US of A.
I remember her debut on Dutch television somewhere in the eighties, as she was announced as "Tina Turner's niece". Although that wasn't true, when you're cousin to Dionne Warwick and have Aretha Franklin as your godmother, you've got your fair share of musical talent and attention I think

One of the tweets I saw read "can we please give it just 30 minutes before we start ripping apart dead people", and another one read "... it's just how Whitney would have wanted it"

It always happens: once some one dies, we automatically make up the balance. Before closing the book, we reach a conclusion, need to give a small summary, voice our opinion. Seems like we're taught that we need to have learned a lesson when an action completes?
On one side of the spectrum, Whitney's death is just (big) news and even anticipated by a few who thus have some material lying ready - just in case. Some people just have to write about it, it's their professional commitment.
On the other side, there are the opportunistic people, like me for instance. I have never bought an album or record with Whitney on it, I do think we have a few albums of her on the network but I have no idea really

Why write this? To write about the silliness of perceived relationships.
One of those is the phenomenon that people that are close to each other, know each other well. As we like to reverse cause and effect, there are many people that try to get to know everything about others, so they can "prove" they are close.
Predicting what Whitney would have done (very easy to get away with now she's dead) is one way to show your own greatness: it shows how close you were to Whitney, how much celeberity you are yourself.
It simply is a way of working yourself up over someone's dead body

Does that have to do anything with Whitney? No.
One could write about any aspect of her life, after all she's had over 30 years of a singing career. A phenomenal voice as well, and very impressive record-breaking sales. Still, the focus will be on the negative stuff, as "misery likes company"

People try to find compensation for what they feel lacking. Basically the fact that they do this, is bad enough as it is, although some compensation turns out less bad than the rest

There are compensations that only affect the body: bulimia or anorexia. Going nuts in the gym is not recognised as a disease yet, nor is running, but these are known to be labelled as "way of life" by many.
Converting yourself to Jesus usually does less harm, as does conversion to Allah, Buddha or who knows who. It's all in the mind and you might put off a few people but usually it doesn't take casualties on either side.
In between are compensations that affect body as well as mind. Alcohol and drugs, the best celeb killers there are...

Meanwhile, down on earth, we meddle with what's within our reach: a bit of gossip here and there to distract our mind, fast food to compensate for our slow evolvement in life and career and the television to offer us both: mind-numbing coach potato time, best filled with watching sports - how gross can the contradiction be?

It doesn't really matter whether you're a celebrity or just an ordinary human being, although, if you ask me, I'd rather be the latter (less supervision). All that matters is that you're happy, and that you don't have to show that to anyone in order to actually feel happy. Like I said in one of my tweets today, a lot more concise that in this entire post:

There is no amount of outside which can fix your inside. Just listen to your heart

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