Wednesday 4 April 2012

Is Dachis rewriting its own history?

David Terrar and I were discussing his post on Social Business in which he takes a trip down memory lane back to even before the coming of E2.0 as we knew it, and I was pointing him to my Redefining the meaning and goal of Social .
I clicked the link to David Armano's post Tweeting at the speed of scale on Dachis' Collaboraty, to find out it was a dead link. Odd

I then went to his reblog of that on his own blog, in which he points to the same link - gone to (of course).
I made a remark about that:

and a discussion followed between Dave, me, and Dave Gray who pitched in, telling that nothing had been removed, according to what Peter Kim had just told him (on a different channel, apparently)

Odd. So I must have been wrong? Only my wife proves me wrong succesfully, yet nonetheless, I rechecked of course.
Just 4 days earlier, I wrote Business case for Social Business Design, in which I link to Jeff Dachis's Social Business Design. The Enterprise is Dead. Long Live the Enterprise.

Same place (the Dachis Collaboratory), same year (2009), same month (11, i.e. November). Yet there. I must be dreaming then? No.
In the same Redefining post as above, I link to an interview by Jevon of Andrew McAfee. Gone. Just like David's and Jeff's post, also located in the Collaboratory, 2009, November

So, I go to the Collaboratory directly, which turns out to have been relocated indeed: links don't start with e.g. but now have the form of
Ah, OK. Settled then - turns out I was wrong indeed, doesn't it?

Errr, hang on? Didn't Jeff's post on the old Collaboratory ( just link fine? It did!
So, off I go to November 2009 on the now new Dachis blog: starting October 30st with a post by Bryan Menell at the bottom, and moving up to November 19 with a post by Daniel Siddle. Mmm, maybe later in that month then?
November 20 marks the end of that page, post by Kate Niederhoffer, and Robin Hamman tops it off on December 16th.

No posts by David Armano. Nor any by Jevon. Both have left Dachis - could there be a correlation?

The blog might have a new address, but the posts still point to the same old structure:

The only conclusion I can reach, is that all of Armano's and Devon's posts have been removed from the Collaboratory. The only mitigation I can find for that, is that such a statement is not a strict matter of fact, because the website has been redesigned and "messaging has changed" as Dave Gray put it - meaning that Dachis must have forgotten to include David's and Jevon's posts while doing so

An omission? Your words, not mine...

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