Wednesday 18 November 2009

Twitter is everywhere is Twitter

At the Web 2.0 Expo in New York, there's a lot to talk about. And especially, to Tweet about. Which is great, because I'm not there but can follow it now anyway

Some speakers have a huge screen where a live Twitter feed is presented following the Web 2.0 Expo hashtag #w2e. Danah Boyd, a Social Media Researcher from Microsoft gave a presentation that wasn't well received. While she was staring at her paper notes reading her "speech", tweeps in the audience were sharing their frustration - which were of course immediately visible on the screen in the room itself, sparking off other tweets. Cause and effect unsure, Danah was speaking so fast that it was hard to follow as well

Nicole Ferraro even wrote a blog post about it, calling the people rude and protecting poor Danah, who posted on her own blog:
Unfortunately, my presentation at Web2.0 Expo sucked. The physical setup was hard and there was a live stream behind me. I knew something was wrong because folks started laughing in the audience. Unable to see anything (the audience, the stream), I found myself closing down.

Unclear why she couldn't see the audience or the stream, this is what it was for her

In his keynote Baratunde had this Twitter Screen Of Death as well, but he made absolutely great use of it. I couldn't follow the tweets any more as everyone was enthusiastically tweeting how much fun they were having, how hilarious Baratunde was, and how great his keynote

It must be said that Baratunde is a comedian, and Danah isn't. But it must also be said that she's a Social Media Researcher at Microsft, and he probably doesn't even know how to spell that

Update Nov 20th 14:06 CET: I'm seeing "Danah-gate" tweets and blogs all over the place, and would really like to direct the attention towards her poetic talk well worth reading. She makes some very interesting points!

Even while I'm writing this, tweets have it that Marc Benioff's speech is now becoming boring and that he should unveil the Woodstock Cloud. I think he's not reading that either, and might be following where Dana went...

Listen up guys and galls
, Twitter's here to stay. I am that I am is a famous saying claimed by even more famous some, but I think that Twitter is everywhere is Twitter has a nice catch to it as well

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Anonymous said...

Baratunde is a huge user and advocate of technology. He also graduated cum laude from Harvard. Just because he's a black man doesn't mean he can't spell.

Martijn Linssen said...

I'm very sorry for your assumption there Anonymous, I was trying to point out in a loose way that Dana is an expert on Social Media, whereas Baratunde isn't (supposed to be) at all

Hope that helps,

Martijn Linssen

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