Sunday, 22 May 2011

Have you had your Last Judgment Day yet?

Now Harold Camping's doom prediction has gone by and I finally have a moment to myself after two days of busy BBQ-ing and household activities, a long overdue post can be written

Doomsday. The Apocalypse. Last Judgment Day. The End of the World. They all belong to the same theme: you better do what I tell you or else...
They all neatly serve fear-based doctrines such as most of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam - (not) surprisingly all mono-theist religions claiming the one true faith, the one true god, and the one true punishment for not following their rules

Well, let me enlighten you: just as Resurrection applies to your own spiritual death and rebirth, Last Judgment Day applies to you right here, right now, and it's solely up to you to "have one"

Last Judgment Day is not about someone else judging you (and others), it is about you making your Last Judgment about others

Somehow we all grow up wanting to be right. As individuals we join groups, and in every group we play our role - each role different from the other. We want to belong to the groups, and in order to do so we agree with what the group in general agrees to. We clearly define the boundaries between our group and others by disagreeing with what they say, think or express.
We are convinced that we are right, and they are wrong. We hold our truths to be Truth, and theirs to be mere opinions and perceptions - strangely enough, we never ever think about what that really means, namely that people can have opinions and perceptions that aren't True; that should apply to ourselves too shouldn't it?

Thinking that they are wrong and we are right usually isn't enough: we make others smaller in order to perceive ourselves as bigger. We are convinced our ideas are better, and convict those who hold different ideas. We even condemn them, in short: we pass our Judgment on them.
We turn them into little negative images in our heart and mind, convicted, condemned and judged, and carry them along for eternity. Whenever we refer to them, we go back to those dark images and use those as reference. Needless to say, very few of them ever "make it out of there"

We do all that out of Fear - fear of not belonging, not being loved, being alone, being powerless, being unappreciated, undervalued, disrespected, and so on. As we want to fight those ideas, we overcompensate and try to prove that we belong, are loved, have many friends, are powerful, are appreciated, highly valued and greatly respected.
To do so, we try to find evidence that supports that: people who say so, objects that imply so, artifacts that prove so. On that journey we make a clear division between who and what is in favour of us, or against us

We embrace and defend beyond reason those who are in favour, and repel and attack beyond reason those who or which aren't. For all and everything against us, we judge, Judge and JUDGE

Last Judgment Day is the day on which you stop doing so, it's the day on which you pass Your Last Judgment. It is the day that follows a spiritual journey, no matter how long or short, and leads to your Resurrection.
It is the day that you accept that It Is What It Is, and realise that you have several identities that play roles in various plays, some comedies, some dramas, most in between, and that your judgment depends on the part you're playing at that very moment.
It is the day that you realise that everything else is a perception, opinion or view.
It is the day that you swap living in Fear for living in Love, the day you stop taking things personally and stop making assumptions. It is the day that will liberate you from all the anxieties, uncertainties and fears that have controlled your life

The Day of the Last Judgment is the day on which you can freely and lovingly agree to agree or disagree with everyone, without convicting, condemning or judging either them or yourself

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