Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Too much Social Me-dia going on

Hat tip to Sameer Patel for the tweet that led me to this:

@lehawes Folks taking the Me in Social Me-dia too literally :)

I've noticed quite a bit of this lately. A few weeks ago, I unfollowed 20% of my follows because they either RT'ed themselves or their friends, and vice versa. Seeing a mediocre blog post being RT'ed 10 times makes me think - and weary. Seeing any blog post RT-ed by the same persons and vice versa makes me want to unfollow - so I did. Regardless of "who they were"

Check out that four-to-last-one tweet there by waxident - that thought crossed my mind several times lately but something withheld me from actually tweeting it.
Twitter is mainstream, that's for sure. With an estimated 250 million users and half a million new accounts created daily, mediocrity is bound to hit the main Stream - but not yours unless you follow those

Marketeers, evangelists; they suffer from the stiff competition now other people are also 1.0 broadcasting their ego into the 2.0 Twitter stream. Even Klout, the Marketing 1.0 company, got competition from Empire Avenue. "Hey Mom, look what I'm doing!" - trying to hook the attention from your peers seems to become a main attraction now

"Hey look I answered this question on Quora!". "Gee look my Klout score went insane!". "Oh boy my Empire Avenue shares almost tripled!". "I joined this-and-that, look at the new me!"

Boring. Not adding value. Me me me, I I I, I me me I, I I me, me I me - one could even make a song out of that. In my post about puppets and puppeteers, I showed who really pulls the string in these games: the companies. People can desperately seek for attention all they want, but all they do is generate traffic and relay attention to their self-chosen labels and platforms out there

We certainly are going through the Social Media Trough of Disillusionment, or more accurately, going towards it. Enterprise 2.0 has died, Social Business is the new black now - and in the midst of actually being implemented. Disillusionment there too - apparently companies and enterprises aren't going paws up for this Revolution

We are all individuals, born into a group. Somehow, we seek out a group to belong to, and adapt ourselves to that group doing so. What do we do when the group grows smaller? We surpass our I-dentities and spend energy in growing the group larger. What do we do when the group grows larger? We rest on our laurels and start enjoying our well-deserved omphaloskepsis

We're witnessing the same now. Twitter grows bigger, the network expands, people withdraw - it's almost like we're moving from a (multinational) company into ye big olde enterprise. The proximity lessens, anonymity increases. Been there done that, never going back - but feeling the same thing now on Twitter

The solution to this? Same as ever. Spend less time with the people you find less interesting, and more with the others - and find new people to acquaint to

Inspiration leads to expiration - it will breathe through your tweets (same as the lack of it)

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