Saturday 30 July 2011

As an energy of fact, you're matter

Matter. Energy. Yin and Yang.
Here's my story on why we tick the way we do - part one

Just as we call matter matter, existing in countless different forms, there must be energy existing in countless forms. Yet, I imagine the energy walls being slightly thinner than the energy ones.
We come from energy. We'll return to energy. Meanwhile, we're matter - and that's all that matters for now

Materialising from energy must be quite a shock, just like energising from matter. We don't materialise at the speed of which an atom bomb turns matter into energy, but still - it must have a severe impact.

After being born, it takes a few months before we start to feel a disconnect from where we came from. At the same time, our memories start to fade, and we remain in limbo for a while: do we belong there, or here? Almost always, we choose pragmatically: we now belong here. We accept our materialised form and forms around us - not much denying to do so is it?

Do we accept that new reality? Almost always, we do so reluctantly. As usual, memories fade but feelings remain - yet feelings without memories are not accepted in this world as they'll be labeled "irrational": you are not allowed to have feelings for which you can't show root cause to others

So, we go on and continue on our path. If pleasant, we slowly forget even the feelings we had at that time. If less pleasant, we revert to whatever was in our life before things started to become less pleasant: those same feelings of something far more sweeter, connected, whole, yet intricate now

As we've learned the way of the humans now, we've come to accept that same urge for root cause: we have agreed that our actions have consequences. That is actually OK

What is not OK, is that we've traveled such an awesome distance from feelings and emotions towards facts and rationalisations, that we mathematically accept the deadly logic: if A equals B, then B equals A. We apply that to our lives, and lo and behold: if B equals A, we agree that our current situation must be the logical consequence of our prior actions

We learn that at a very young age, 2 to 3 years. We learn it because we are taught it. We are taught it because our peers learned that decades before, and never questioned it. They agreed to it, so it's now part of their mental model

At that age, we are all alone. Unable to defend ourselves, unable to fight back. Having sweet feelings and maybe even a few scattered memories of where we came from - but we are all alone. We accepted our materialised form already, now we accept our newly found "truth". A equals B, thus B equals A: my current situation is unpleasant (to say the least) so I have caused that with my prior actions - therefore it's my fault

It takes a good while for that to sink in, but eventually we reach the phase of acceptance at age 4 or 5. At that point, we've dealt with all prior feelings once and for all. The results of that are in the next post

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