Thursday 21 July 2011

Google extremely favours G+ in search

I'm not a very vain man, if at all, but every now and then I Google for "martijn linssen" to see what comes up. I only check the first page, and see how the order is for the first five: those should contain this blog (number one), my Twitter account and my LinkedIn account.
Currently LinkedIn is at no. 2 and Twitter at 3 (I have no idea why!) and numbers 6-10 show the other Martijn Linssen, who is on Facebook unlike me, and whatever comes up next

What surprises me, is the fact that my Google+ profile shows up as number 5 in the list - I just opened that a few weeks ago and can't imagine really that it has got so many hits already. I frantically used that for a day and then let it simmer a bit. Got a few people who added me but I haven't found the time to tweet much or blog ever since, so certainly didn't G+

Oh, by the way, I just added Google+ to my blog - this is the very first post that you can +1. Highly unrelated to this post, but possibly "relatable" in the future? Read on please...

Google+ certainly has some great features that I like, yet I see no reason why Twitter wouldn't add a Circle functionality (wouldn't that greatly reduce their load) although of course Twitter already has Circles: Public and Friends. Everyone can read public tweets, but only friends have access to friend tweets. So Google has copied that functionality yet taken it a few dramatical steps further, yet nothing is preventing Twitter nor other social networks from copying that

Well Facebook will not copy it of course, because it will add more privacy while Mark Z is only interested in lowering the Facebook walls so there's a bigger target for the marketeers - but that's Facebook's self-chosen issue, and its users are agreeing less with that and even starting to disagree

Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked here, sorry for that.
So, I did some tests to see where and how my Google+ profile shows up in search engine results:
  1. When I'm not logged in to Google, my G+ profile drops to no. 9 - btw it seems that the first Google search page returns 11 hits now, in stead of 10? Oh well.
  2. When I use Bing, I get my blog and LinkedIn on numbers 1 and 2, an answer from Umair Hague to me on Twitter as number 3, and even my business web site as no. 10
  3. I browsed the first three pages of Bing search results, but no Google+ to be found anywhere
  4. Off to a more neutral search engine then: Yahoo search. The results: blog on no. 1, Twitter on no. 2, LinkedIn on no. 3, and CloudAve on no. 5
  5. Not a word about G+ in the first three pages of Yahoo search results
Alright, that shows that other search engines show entirely different results for the same search, and that they are showing equally different ones with regards to Google+ profiles - now how about Google Search showing similar results for other searches?

When I Google Robert Scoble, I see his G+ profile is no. 9 on the list
Mark Z? His G+ profile shows up at no. 19, not too bad but then again I think there are some pages that have gotten more hits than just that one (...)

Okay. Final test

When I Google my fellow curmudgeon Dennis Howlett, while not logged in, I see his G+ profile is at no. 29 - even though he's a busy bee and really digging (into) G+.
When I do log in to Google and then execute the exact same search, Dennis shows up with his G+ profile at no. 3 - wow. Yes I do have a relationship with Dennis via Google+ but we connect on a few different levels and sites as well, and G+ now showing up first (after AccMan and ZDNet) is just unreal

There you have it, I think: Google is self-promoting your Google+ profile beyond reason. Is Google the new Borg?

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