Sunday 28 August 2011

Don't we already share one world religion?

A Dutch tweep uttered the next wish today:

Ik geloof in één religie, die alle mensen met elkaar verbindt, en waarin ieder met zijn eigen visie de antwoorden op zijn vragen vindt.

which translates to: "I believe in one religion, that connects all people, and in which everyone finds the answers to his questions driven by his own vision"

Well, that religion is already here, isn't it?

We have that one world / global religion: we almost all believe in something bigger than us; an unknown Force that drives this universe or even multiverses, while some stay closer to home and restrict themselves to Earth and God

We share that

We have similar questions, which are driven by our lack of knowledge (or recollection, if you adhere reincarnation theories): who are we? Why are we here? Where do we go from here?

We share that

We try to find answers in similar ways: we consult our peers, our self-appointed religious leaders, books, writings, films, basically any material already in existence or coming into existence: we take some answers for granted but have so many questions that we always keep seeking for more answers, in more places

We share that

Doing so, we find answers to our questions. Over the years, we either change some of those ourselves, or accept changed answers from others: slightly, radically, or anything in between. So while we all share this, we find and end up with different answers to the same question. Yet, most of us accept those answers as Truth

We share that

And precisely there is where it goes wrong - if Right and Wrong even exist and aren't just another product of our imagination (at least they're a product of our perception)

Either we accept the fact that there is no Truth, or that every one is entitled to his or her own Truth - and that no one's Truth is bigger or better than anyone else's

We share so much, can't we just please focus on the similarities, and agree to disagree on the small differences? I believe we're all entitled to believe whatever we believe - except that we are Right and others are Wrong

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