Tuesday 9 August 2011

What am I going to condone it for?

Yesterday evening, the BBC announced an interview with Darcus Howe,
to discuss if comparisons between these inner city riots and events that took place in the 1980s are useful or misleading
This morning, that interview took place - and bit the BBC in the ass (pardon my French)

First of all, "events that took place in the 1980's" is a very distant rephrasing of the Brixton riots that took place in 1981. That first attempt at obfuscation by the BBC might have been what set the scene. What really did break the scene, however, was the outright dumb question by the BBC reporter:

Marcus Dow, are you shocked by what you've seen there last night?

Yes, Marcus Dow, not Darcus Howe. She must have been rather preoccupated with the stock market?
Darcus is obviously biting his lip over this blatant lack of preparation, expressed by the question itself and the name used to address him - but then fires away

Startled, the reporter tries to gain control over the conversation 50 seconds later. Apparently recalling his name, she calls him Mister Howe this time, and asks: "do you condone what happened in your community last night?"

His answer? Hence the title of this blog post - exactly that it was

Watch the whole video (4:24) right here:

Oddly, Youtube shows 315 views for this video as we speak, yet also 2,979 likes, and 310 dislikes. Slap on 1,853 comments to that, and I wonder: do the BBC own Youtube shares, or vice versa?

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