Tuesday 25 January 2011

Egypt: Cairo, tens of thousands of people protesting

Directly from Twitter, I am trying to follow the current situation in Egypt.

Twitter has been reported to be down in Egypt, but protesters are using proxy sites and other means to get tweets, Facebook updates, pictures and videos out of the country and spread immediately.
Traditional media are very quiet about it, not to say silent. Photos I'm using I have downloaded and uploaded again, rather than referring to by URL

Here's one video that shows the situation best, I think: thousands of people out there, massive use of cameras and mobiles to record the situation, water canons and teargas used to disperse protesters, and police greatly outnumbered. This is a massive amount of people making themselves heard loud and clear

From what I've seen, it is generally peaceful and non-violent - so far

Update 16:49 CET:
  • A lot of sites have pictures and videos of Cairo, just going to give you the links as most contain Arabic:
    Guardian UK has a lot of videos
  • Telephone providers have been reported to block Twitter, Facebook and others sites: Vodafone Egypt, EtisalatMisr, Mobinil and LindDSL for example - all this is unconfirmed. Vodafone Egypt denied blocking any site, saying it's a nation-wide issue
  • 30,000 people are reported to protest in Alexandria, 50,000 in Cairo, 6,000 in Mansoura, and more in Aswan, Quina, Arish, Mahala
Update 17:08 CET: there's a live cam you can follow offered by Ustream.tv
Update 17:31 CET: The Guardian has a continuously updating page on Egypt (when you explicitly switch that on) - time to stop updating from here I think
Over a hundred people seem to have been arrested, the police are using rubber bullets to shoot people, and it's now dark in Cairo - this will not look better in the morning, I'm afraid
Update 17:58 CET:
  • Reports of live ammunition being used, only one source so far though who got over 100 ReTweets
  • #Jan25 has reached over 2 tweets per second, and still not trending (25 tweets per minute usually is enough!)
  • Livestream mentioned above now has in between 1,500 and 2,000 viewers, up from 50 when I started watching it 50 minutes ago

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