Monday 31 January 2011

The Follow-or-Not Flowchart

I few days ago I published my "To Tweet or ReTweet flowchart".
I think it is time to publish my "To Follow or Not To Follow" flowchart as well, as I find that I hardly make any exception at all on my internal, unwritten rules for deciding to follow a new follower or not

This doesn't have to be a new follower necessarily, I use this scheme to pretty much decide every follow / non-follow question I have. I must say that Twitter's new 'Connections' feature greatly helps me, especially since Twitter List count is way off since half a year or so. Take the email announcing a new follower, look at their list count, and then go to their Twitter page: only there is the count correct

I do try to keep my following small, as everyone of them I want to follow. I use Twuniverse to line up my following once a month and see if I still know them all

Here's my decision diagram: I always end it with a peak at someone's latest 20 tweets. Quantity and quality of those give me the final push. I've been on Twitter for 2 years now, and must say this "strategy" works for me, keeps my Twitterverse interesting and allows me to interact with most

How do you decide who to follow? What are your goals on Twitter, and how do you achieve those?

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