Monday, 31 January 2011

My January experiment: one post a day - results

This post concludes my January experiment of one post a day. It took considerably more effort than I was used to as my average for 2010 was 100, and this just about tripled that. Anyway, I had fun doing it

Of course there was some quality and quantity involved in this month's experiment. Overall, however, I think I maxed out on both. I did product two flowcharts that didn't make it past my 500 word marker, but those were work too, and actually the (Re)Tweet flowchart was quite a bit of that. What was extremely hard work was the 5-series on Google, Microsoft, Apple, IT-vendors and system integrators: I went through 82 financial reports and an estimated 15,000 pages just to come up with 5 blog posts

I introduced a few new words, like omphaloskepsis, wrote a plain spiritual post as well as some less IT or scientific, and gave my well-argumented critical view on Sun spots, SocialText attempting to overtake Yammer, record stores, Social Influence, Yammer stats, Mark Zuckerberg, Quora, and the people labeling Tunis and Egypt "social media revolutions"

I also warned people about allowing other applications access to their twitter: even Esteban Kolsky was wrong about it all:
@MartijnLinssen a few, i don't allow read-write access to my account to anyone - not that dumb
By default, you do. No such thing as read-only access out there in the wild, I've only seen full read-write so far - but still, read-only access to your Direct Messages is dangerous enough if you use them to exchange private information. So, again, beware!

So, what's the score? Like I said earlier this month, stats went through the roof but relatively they're down, meaning I got less visits / views per post than I'm used to. January was a slow starter, but still.
Also, this was pretty killing for my Twitter interaction. I syndicate at CloudAve, and also there I answer all comments, so this has been a very busy month really

Total pageviews for the month? 11,000 by the end of this day, meaning 2.5 times more than my monthly average of last year but then again I wrote 30% of last year's blog post in just this month - so that's not a good score. Basically I achieved 100% more with 300% more effort - or 200% return on a 400% investment, for our financial friends out there

So, what will I do? Go back to the 8 posts a month, or stick to the one-a-day?
Knowing me, you'll predict what I'm aiming for: a minimum of 8 per month, and a maximum of 15. I'm not a full-time blogger, have an 8-hour working day and the average post is 60-75 minutes work for me to publish, and another 30 to read and respond to comments - just about

Oh and it nearly killed my Twitter interaction - just saying that again because I really didn't like that part

What do you think of these 31 blog posts and my January Twitter presence? What should I do next?

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